Breeding North American 

Percherons &  Belgians 


Using The Only 

 Dutch Harness Horse Stallion 

in Australia

"DURINO" Imp NL  a son of Manno 

Carbery Estate Stud" was established in 1978 when I purchased my his first pair of draught horses.

  That led me to wanting to know more, so I joined the Australian Draught Horse Society NSW. I attended many field  days and had a dream of wanting to use draught horses for promotional work at my winery. I purchased a Clydesdale for the job, but soon learnt that it took a lot of work to look after his feather and feet and with an already very busy work schedule I really didn't have time to take care of him properly so that he looked the part.

In 1983 I went to the World Percheron Congress held at Calgary in the USA. It was here that I saw over 500 Percheron horses at the one show. I soon learnt that Percherons were a low maintenance horse and would probably suit my busy lifestyle better than a Clydesdale. The Percheron horse is a low maintenance horse.

In 1985 I went back to Canada and purchased my first stallion and mare, and then continued onto England to attend the Shire Show at Peterborough.

Since then Miriam and I have imported 16 Percherons and Belgians horses from Northern America and 1 Dutch Harness Horse from the Netherlands. He is the only Dutch Harness horse to date in Australia. We currently have over 130 horses on our farm.

We are very passion it about our breeding program and showing. We have been showing our horses competitively  and successfully at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Royal Shows in harness and led classes. 

It is my aim now to help other horse enthusiasts fulfill their dreams by being able to assist them in providing very affordable yet excellent quality harness and horse drawn vehicles. I also want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years from not only here in Australia but also from overseas. I hope to help other harness horse enthusiasts full their dreams and I look forward to seeing them in the ring.  

Ross Carbery    


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Hi do u have any horses for sale. Cheers joy

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Am interested in buying synthetic showing harness (without collar) to fit Suffolk Punch mare