SYNTHETIC HARNESS Various sizes avaliable Very popular, strong used for work, training and country shows. To clean just hose off. SINGLE SETS includes: everything to drive away including hames but NO collar. Collars sold seperately PAIR SETS also avaliable

Example of a Back Saddle for single draught horse

Draught sets, single and pairs all come with a trace carrier to stop traces dragging on the ground whilst going to and from vehicle

Example of Bridle belonging to a Synthetic harness set

TWO TONED SYNTHETIC HARNESS FOR COMBINED OR PLEASURE DRIVING Very popular comes with fixed Backband or Saddle with Sliding Backband ECONOMY SYNTHETIC HARNESS ALSO AVALIABLE which is one colour Easy maintance

TWO TONED SYNTHETIC HARNESS Avaliable for Singles, Pairs or Teams from Warmblood to Miniature Size

COMBINED DRIVING BACK SADDLE PADS used under the back saddle for protection from the shafts

WHIPS for all occassions A variety of Lunging, Long reining or Driving Whips


Show Driving, Combined Driving or Pleasure Driving

We have a variety of Harness to suit
Clydesdales, Percherons, Belgians, Draught horses, Warmbloods, Ponies and Miniature Ponies 

For a full range of Harness please contact

Ross Carbery  Mb: 0429204206

for more information.   

lesley neary 12.06.2016 22:02

Am interested in buying synthetic showing harness (without collar) to fit Suffolk Punch mare

stephanie 16.07.2014 01:01

I'm looking for a pairs harness for 2 36" miniature horses, in leather with brass fittings and side checks. Can you give me a price? Thanks

Sue 08.07.2014 12:08

Hi, Do you have any small pony harness for sale at the moment. I need a set for showing a 12.1h.h. fine pony. He is a stallion with a very small head. Thanks

Kiersten 29.04.2014 02:25

Hi looking for miniature pony harness in black for showing leather our guys are
Around 30" to 35" inchs height chest to tail 120cm girth 119 cm bridle 81 cm

Bel 24.04.2014 08:56

Hi I'm after a price on a pairs harness for horse around 15.2hh

miriam 25.04.2014 06:19

Hello Bel, thank you for your enquiry. Are you enquiring about breast plate harness or collar harness? Are the horses standardbred or draught X size.

Sheree 04.01.2014 13:10

Hello I was wondering the price difference between the synthetic and leather harnesses. I have a 16hh clydesdale.

Joshua 06.08.2013 04:12

Hi, I am after a harness set up for a Clydesdale, that is strong but also is nice enough to show in :) also a 22" collar

Keryn Gane 12.07.2013 02:25

Hi, Im after a harness for my pony but Im having real trouble finding one small enough! He is only about 8 hh. Could i get some prices please?
Thanks Keryn :)

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Please forward me your email address.

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Hi do u have any horses for sale. Cheers joy

12.06 | 22:02

Am interested in buying synthetic showing harness (without collar) to fit Suffolk Punch mare