DURINO Imp NL Dutch Harness Horse

"DURINO" Imp Netherlands
Foal by Durino out of a Belgian mare
MANNO sire of Durino
MANNO sire of Durino
FABRICIOUS sire of Manno
Progeny by Durino
Progeny by Durino
Progeny by Durino
MANNO, Durino's Sire
MANNO Sire Of "Durino"

MANNO aged 6 years old in this video clip is Durino's sire.
Writtten By MANNO's  owner
Mieke Van Maart
First we want you to know that Manno became Ere class Champion again in august 2006. In 2006 Manno is not been beaten. He had to beat the best horses in Holland, those who are able to participate in the highest class. Only his son Sunlight was a serious  danger for Manno  in the final, but Manno (V.Fabricius pref.) showed himself outstanding and beautiful in his movement. For Manno, this is the first breeding stallion that had this championship for the 3rd time. Not one breeding stallion has ever done what Manno is able to.

Big news also is that 18 harness horses will participate in Acchen ( Germany) during the world games in august 2006.
They all are in the team driving, 4 in hand. So it also gives you the information that the Dutch Harness breeding a very interesting breeding contains. Cross breeding all over the world  with all kind off horses is done on this moment. The first breeders will notice that the characters and the movement will stay, that’s what’s the most beautiful on our Harness horse.

Manno is the first stallion that reached 16 championships in Holland, and is the KWPN horse of the Year.

Manno the Multi Champion of the Netherlands.

At this moment Manno has all the Championships their are in hand. In his breeding the genetic ability is already shown.

Many of his children are already making good progress in the sport and  the Shows in hand for mares.

In 2002 Manno brought for the second year the champion of the foals, the Champion of the 3 year old mares, and in a class for young to start harness horses number one, two and the fourth place where children of Manno.

Manno’s character is sublime, and it’s a hard worker. He is always happy and good behaved. He also gives that through to his children. 

For this year two young Manno sons are aloud to go to the 50 day’s test, to become approved stallions. We keep you informed of Talos and Tempelier.

Talos and Tempelier have became both approved, but on behave of his offspring the KWPN put Tempelier on the list of holding studs.

In 2004 an other son of Manno became Champion and approved Unieko.

Also approved sons are Victory, Vulcano, Ulandro and Vaandrager.

In the year 2005 Manno delivered the Champion and reserve champion on the stallion show.

Manno himself became KWPN horse of the year. The best price a horse can get.

NEWS    Driving horse
The Dutch harness horse holds a unique position in the world as a show horse but in recent years has gained immense international popularity as a driving horse.

The success of Dutch breeding was more than evident at the World Four-in-Hand Driving Championship 2008 in Beesd, where almost one-half of the entries were KWPN-bred, and more than half of those (a total of more than 25%) were harness horses!

The Championship can easily be considered the major breakthrough event of the Dutch harness horse into the world of international driving.
The entries were impressive for both their quantity and quality, which immediately became clear the first day in the dressage phase. Led by American Chester Weber, the dressage winner, the first five finishers were drivers whose teams included harness horses. The cones phase was won by another major proponent of Dutch harness horses, Australian Boyd Exell.

In the final standings of the Championship, Chardon won the gold, Weber the silver, and Exell the bronze, in turn making the KWPN the most successful studbook of the Championship due in large part to its harness horses. Chardon used three KWPN riding horses in the Championship. Weber’s carriage was headed by the Dutch harness horses Rolex W (s.Larix), Para (s.Harmonie), Boy W (s.Manno), and Jamaica (s.Cambridge Cole.

Recently, Jamaica was honored as the 2008 USEF Horse of the Year. Exell’s team included Lordminster (s.Fabricius), Scampolo (s.Larix), and Selleen (s.Fabricius). Finishing in fourth, fifth, and sixth place respectively were Joszef Dobrovitz of Hungary, Chistoph Sandmann of Germany, and Daniel Würgler of Switzerland. All three drivers used several harness horses in the Championship.

Chester Weber won the dressage phase and took home the silver medal
Boyd Exell won the cones phase and finished third in the overall standings

Luck was not on Koos de Ronde’s side in the marathon, but he still
contributed to his team’s gold medal.
 Van Maart 

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